Ted (merovingian) wrote,

...cannot live by all that glitters alone

I was at a fancy restaurant with a friend of mine. We were catching up, talking about our lives. Halfway through the meal, I noticed what she was eating: silver jewelry.

Her plate was filled with beautiful, delicate silver jewelry. At every bite, she'd cut a bite-sized piece off an earing or a bracelet with the side of her fork, slip the tines into the silver, and eat it. Once I realized what was going on, I watched in horror and fascination. What did it taste like? How did she survive eating it? Was she even human?

She met my stare with confusion, then looked down at her plate. She jumped and dropped her fork when she noticed what she'd been eating, "Who served me a dish made of rare metals?" she exclaimed in embarassed surprise.

The waiter was very, very apologetic.

The chandeliers were beautiful.
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