Ted (merovingian) wrote,

A neverending theme

At the hotel bar, I met a man who was eager to tell his story.

"Back in '85, I was really, really dumb. I cash out my whole inheritance and bet it on 6 in a craps game. For the rest of the night, it stayed on a table. I didn't roll a 7 and lose, but I didn't roll a 6 and win either. On every roll, there's a twenty-five in thirty-six chance that will happen, but when you start rolling dozens of times, it becomes unlikely."

He asked if I'd buy him a drink, and I did.

"Everyone else walked away from the table and abandoned their bets, but I had my whole life's savings riding on it. I stayed there at the table all night, and still no results. The dealer switched three times during the night, and still my money was on the table. Eventually, a pit boss came down and, when he understood the situation, he wouldn't let me cancel the bet. We moved the bet to another table. New table, new dealer, new dice, but the streak of empty luck held firm. After thirty-six hours, I was falling asleep at the table. They offered me a complimentary room at the hotel, and told me that they'd tell me how the bet turned out."

"So what happened?"

"Someone's still rolling!" the guy said, "There's a special craps table in a back office, dedicated just to my bet. I'm still penniless, and I'm still getting complimentary room and board while the bet's going on. It's been years and the craps game is still unresolved. They won't budge on the money and neither will I, but, these days, they let me travel from hotel to hotel, complimentary, waiting for an answer. Hotel life's pretty good, you know. I think I'll miss it, whether I win or lose. More so if I lose, I guess."

I think he said his name was Schroedinger, but that could just be my imagination.
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