Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Putting the Band Back Together, Part IV: The End?

The idea to put the band back together has hit a big, big snag. It turns out that, while I talked to Buzz, Unstoppable Sam, and Milo, someone else was gathering together the rest of The Folks I Miss, trying to put the band back together.

My evil twin. Maybe it's my clone merowinkian or maybe it's a copy of me from the opposite dimension, or maybe it's a Single White Merovingian-style stalker. I don't know. But it's someone who looks just like me and has all my powers, but uses them for, well, basically the same thing.

He recruited Starthing, Joey Frostbite, and The Entire Population of Rhode Island. He's building a time machine, and he's going to go back in time to when we were still cool, and do gigs back then.

I'm at a loss.
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