Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Sexy Vampires

The Yellow Pages at our new apartment is mostly normal. There's one thing odd, though: the S section includes a bunch of listings for "Sexy Vampires." No ads, no descriptions; just a bunch of names and phone numbers.

I didn't call them. I don't really have much personal use for a professional sexy vampire. Last night, though, I went to a party, and there was a Yellow Pages Editor there.

"What's the deal with the Sexy Vampires section?" I asked.

"Oh, they're all dentists," she said, "They stopped listing themselves as dentists because people have too many negative associations with the term 'dentist.' Business has been way up since they switched."

"But, isn't that sort of deceptive?"

"Nope," she said proudly, "We just changed what Sexy Vampires means. A Sexy Vampire now means a doctor who helps you take care of your teeth. It's standard Yellow Pages terminology."

I was going to argue more, but then someone opened up a bottle of faux-absinthe and we both got distracted.

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