Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Lake

So, my buddy lives at the bottom of a lake. Not in a luring-you-to-drown water-spirit way or anything; she's got an apartment down there. Real estate is expensive around the Bay Area these days, and someone realized that the land under the lakes is still usable real estate. Chthonic and lagustrine, but usable.

They built the apartment complex to be a vision of the future. Like most visions of the future, the plan was incomplete and dreamlike. The building is very sleek, and evokes feelings of technological utopia. There's sunlamps in every apartment. Laundry and utilities are readily accessible, and it's easy to get there and back. It's structurally stable, even in an earthquake. The designers missed out one big detail: zombie attacks. In the event of a zombie attack, everyone inside would be trapped and eaten.

I pointed this out to my buddy. She looked at me vacantly and said, "Braaaains!"

I totally forgot that my friend is a zombie. Big, big faux-pas, there.

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