Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Ice Cream

I believe in impromptu picnics.

I went on an impromptu picnic yesterday, and brought ice cream. That was foolish of me.

The ice cream was still spoonbending cold when we ate it. Then we went for a walk, and I totally forgot the ice cream in the basket. I noticed when I reached my car:

The ice cream was getting colder and colder.

By the time I got home, the basket was too cold to touch. I went inside to figure out what to do.

Turns out there's a special service that'll come take care of it. Right there in the front of the phone book, under Emergency Services.

"This happens from time to time," said the Absolute Zero pickup guy.

I'd never noticed the ice cream-getting-colder-instead-of-warmer number in the emergency section of the phone book.

I read the rest of the page. Man, there are a lot of weird emergencies!

Poll #701053 Choose your own adventure. Or don't. You can choose that too.

Sample weird emergency:

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