Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Professor

The professor cleared his throat and adjusted his crisp white collar.

"When we, as a species, perfected the orangutan genome, our popular operating model to understanding them was a new guest. We wanted to welcome them, and to study them. Help them and learn from them. We saw them as new equals. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are our betters, and we should have perfected ourselves first."

I nodded thoughtfully, "But what about the railway company guards?"

"Moral relativists, every one of them. They see the omegutan's side of things as much as they see ours. They sympathize. They are too open minded to open fire."

"But there are thousands of them swarming the train!"

The professor stood, adjusted his hat, and drew his thin steel canesword. "Then it is up to us to defend this train and the people on it. Come, Ted, it is time to face our own extinction."

We left our private cabin for the roof ladder.
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