March 30th, 2001


Can You Find the Implicit Pun?

Last weekend I was over at a friend's place, having a few beers and playing board games. I wasn't doing so well.

Then the phone rang. My friend answered the phone, and handed it to me.

"Hi, Ted, I've got good news for you. Legislature recently passed to your advantage in the state senate. California has created an agency to bankroll your game."

Suddenly, I had an account that was open wide. If I rolled the dice and wound up in jail, I was exempt. I landed on my friend's space (with 3 houses) and when I couldn't pay, the guy from the agency just covered the costs. Best yet, no one but me could buy railroads or utilities. I made $100,000 in just a few turns, while everyone else ended up totally bankrupt.

But the game was SO BORING. Everyone stopped rolling the dice, because it didn't matter where you landed or how well you played. And I made a ton of really short-sighted plays, but it didn't matter, because my victory was assured by California tax dollars.