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Ted's Journal
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Thursday, May 3rd, 2001

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The pamphlet he gave me said that the books tell us the truth. The fairy tales. It's all in them.

The man or woman who conducts sexual misconduct in the fairy tales always commits murder later on to cover up his secrets. The philandering man with the flying children strangled his wife. The Celtic folk stories often featured the man who slept with his sister, at which point she became pregnant - incest led to inbreeding, and then finally sororicide. The stepmother is always wicked, and the man who marries her wicked, too, if only by allowing her evil to continue. The young girl who consorts with the wolf gets eaten later.

There's a reason, the pamphlet explains. Sexual norms are social norms. The man or woman who breaks those norms in action has broken those norms in his or her heart as well. Once those are gone, any action taken cannot be governed by the laws of society. Why not lie, if you have already laid down with someone forbidden? Why not kill, to cover up your lies?

Convert, the pamphlet read. It's all in the old stories. The fairy tales tell you: choose a single spouse of the opposite sex, become monogamous, and have children, or you'll be eaten by a wolf.

I read the pamphlet and thought about it, then I crumpled it up and threw it in the trash bin.

I don't need any kind of book of fairy tales dictating how I will live my life.

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