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Ted's Journal
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Friday, May 18th, 2001

Time Event
Contents of My Medicine Cabinet
200 bottle, Tum's antacid
Assorted bottles, Vinpotecine, Vasopressin, Nootropil, Gingko Biloba, Snake Oil, etc.
1 bottle, psionic suppressants, state mandated
1 portrait, Queen Victoria, oil, 14 inches X 22 inches
1 human eye, preserved
2 bottles, rhinoceros tranquilizer
1 rhinoceros, tranquilized
2 bottles, Dran-O, 12 oz., wide-mouth, pull-tab
1 shrine, to shadwstalkr
5 bottles, assorted vitamins, dated 1823
2 ice cubes, on fire
1 family, Portugese
3 bars of soap, herbal
1 bar of soap, radioactive
1 can, shaving cream
1 I.V. drip, Vegemite
1 bottle, Vitamin E oil
1 bottle, cyberpsychosis suppressants, state mandated
3 packets, Soylent Green
22 black mambo snakes, angry
9 snake bite kits, used, empty
1 snake bite kit, 70% used

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