June 28th, 2001


At The Hop

So last night I went to a rave up in the city. Apparently, I'm told, weekday raves are a lot better than weekend raves, because the people who come on the weekdays are in for the whole lifestyle, and not just visiting tourists who show up when it's convenient. Also, there's a lot fewer people - my guess is that it depends on whether or not you like a crowd. Personally, I like crowds, but I also like variety.

The night was pretty cool and pretty mellow. I had a lot of bottled water, and listened to music, and that's about it. Generally, when I'm quiet at a party, I tend to fixate on details, which is how I noticed the scrap of paper that'd been left lying on the table.

It was a memo.


To: Dennis, Rhiannon, Hoofy
Re: EYES OPEN event

Well, I must say I'm pleased with the event. I've never been to a "rave" before, and I was quite skeptical about whether it was "my scene," but it was most excellent. I'll be advising the rest of the council to attend.

A few comments:

1. Music

I found the music tiresome and repetitive. The hypnotic effects must be good for the kids, but perhaps we could arrange a separate "quiet" area in the basement?

2. Attire

I found the attire superb. Loose-fitting colorful clothing is absolutely perfect! Nothing makes a person more appetizing than to be presented in a fashion that's attractive, colorful, whimsical and accessible. I could do without the feather boas - they tickled my throat.

3. Attitude

These docility drugs are brilliant! Normally, I'm accustomed to damsels screaming for help and making such a fuss - this is perfect!

4. Lighting

Dark enough to stalk to, yet with playful lights and lasers. What a treat!

5. Hours

Perfect. Staying open until dawn is the way to go.

Overall, I must say I'm thrilled. I can't believe I've missed out on this for so long. What better food source than a "rave"?

I look forward to future arrangements. Please find attached six pints of my own blood, mixed with ground pearls, which should provide you with an additional one hundred years of healthy life. Should you also be interested in gems and platinum, let me know - these "raves" are worth it!

Cordially Yours,

Euphoniax of the Nine Forbidden Whispers
Wyrm Ancient and Terrible
Herald, Council of Firedrakes