August 7th, 2001



I'm going to have a lot of kids, and live on a water farm, right down by the river. We'll raise the water the old fashioned way, and when the water's nice and ripe, it'll be Shuckin' Day.

Me and my girl and the little ones will line up on a bench, and shuck them water molecules. We'll tear off them lil' hydrogen atoms, and put 'em in the hydrogen bucket, which we'll use to run our hydrogen-powered tractor, and also our hydrogen-powered arcology. Then we'll drop them oxygen atoms in the oxygen bucket, which we'll use for our down-home Oxygen bar. Afterwards, my girl will play the fiddle and I'll float in a sensdep tank, my heartbeat driving the rhythms of the Jew harp. And the little ones will put on their contragrav shoes and null-inertia belts and dance, dance, dance.