August 9th, 2001


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They say that nothing good can come from Taco Bell, but I know that's not true.

My cousin Jack lives in kind of a bad part of LA, and he saw someone following him, and recognized the guy - it was the same guy who'd mugged him a week before. He flipped out, and ducked into the nearest well-lit place; a 24-hour Taco Bell.

That's where he met Alan. Alan was protesting commercial culture by painting himself silver and sitting inside Taco Bell, going totally hungry, for a week. The Taco Bell employees were amused and confused by the whole thing, and gave him free cups of water.

Jack stayed in the restaurant and the mugger lurked outside. After a day, Jack and Alan finally struck up a conversation.

When the mugger finally left, some forty hours later, Jack and Alan left arm-in-arm, madly in love. Jack cooked Alan a nice organic meal, and the last I've heard, they started a circus together, and command an army of hyperintelligent elephants.