August 22nd, 2001


Day Three: An Interlude in Paris

Johnny Voodoo lived outside of recursively terminable processes; non-linear methods were necessary to track down his killer. The I-Ching and the cockle shells, both common favorites, still operate under a set of mathematically predictable rules. So I was forced to resort to lavarand to generate random numbers from a liquid.

These numbers were then used as a seed for a standard police detective guide for questions about murder. Here's what I derived:

The killer's motive was 281c18d24dd229a42778bd9c1e86f6231acce9ffe708c0c1c821513f1044e455

The killer's means were 8f99b847de7cd4eceef5654e95b5aba67b0a5926a7745f5ed1b311fc88da2d55

The killer's current location is 954230fccc44beccfc2abaf0053a1077de73fd02e35cbbf8a33d4359aefea312

The killer's most recent haiku was
big fool on the hill
zap pendulous bitch page juice
whiny skanky quack

All those sequences of numbers and letters seemed very foreign to me, so I headed immediately to Paris....

...only to find the butler there, at a tiny sidewalk café, in quiet conversation with a snail! The snail got away before I could find whether it was the snail I was looking for or just another slime-trailer, and the butler distracted me by bring hot towels and my reading glasses, but I'm sure Johnny Voodoo must have been the subject of conversation.

So I took the question to the streets, by ducking into every alley I could find and spraypainting on the walls....