September 27th, 2001


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A chaotic, self-correcting system with millions of tiny elements, interacting with simple rules but creating directed, complex and unpredictable emergent pattern?

Traffic jams watch. They know.

Frank the Goat?

Rumors about Frank the Goat:

Frank was originally a very stubborn man, who angered a passing gypsy, and was cursed to walk the world as a goat.

Frank the Goat has become so addicted to fame and excess that he will only eat the finest of silks.

Frank the Goat singlehandedly wrote the code for LiveJournal.

A movie about Frank is coming out soon; the role of Frank will be played by none other than Tim Curry.

Frank talks to angels nightly. They have taught him their language, but to us it sounds like nothing but "Baaaaaaaah..."

Frank the Goat is a renegade cop who isn't afraid to break the rules to catch a crook.

Frank is actually a cream-colored, good-smelling hamster that walks, talks, and moves through the world in a complex biomechnical goat-shaped flesh-suit.

Frank is part of an elite team of mercenaries working for the Vatican.

Every night, Frank ascends to the stars to become the astrological Capricorn. Or Aries. Or something. Aquarius, maybe? Which one is a goat? They're all goats, I think.

When you write love poetry, you write it for Frank. When you argue, you argue for Frank's affections.

Frank the Goat is actually Francesca the Goatess, and furthermore, her utters have been genetically modified to contain spider-silk proteins stronger than steel.

Frank moonlights as a back-alley dentist.

Frank is the black private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks.