October 9th, 2001


What is a Hacker?

A hacker is someone who has an enthusiasm for "breaking into" or externally analyzing a system. The goal of hacking is to get below-the-surface information, and, in some case, to change that information.

Some typical things hackers do today:

- break into moral systems, replacing previously existing ethics with "hacker ethics"

- gain access to political discussions, and insert data on privacy, civil liberties, and censorship

- intercept the lexicon being used to discuss hacking, and redefine the variables

Previous iterations of hackers were known to use these same kinds of techniques on phones, computers, and the like. However, penetrating these systems has gone out of fashion. Current hackers prefer to perform all their hacking using recursive techniques, and program-as-data, to hack the concept of hacking. So far, no base case has been defined.

How I spent my Tuesday afternoon

The archive was obscure, cheap and ill-visited. But it was not dimly lit, tacky, cheap or sweaty - those traits were conspicuously absent, because this was the library of non-porn movies.

Some of the movies were movies I knew... "White Men Can't Jump", "Edward Scissorhands", "Romancing the Stone". But others I'd never heard of... "Debbie Doesn't Do Dallas", "In Front of the Green Door", "The Devil, And Also Miss Jones", "Secret Watergate Informant".

For every porn movie, there's a non-porn movie equivalent. If it didn't exist before, it's created and placed here.

It's one of the most boring museums ever.