November 12th, 2001


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So, the Humor Research Institute had a guided tour, and goodness,w as it revealing.

I was checking it out on account of lemur_hunter's questions about a general equation for mockability. Turns out it's a chemical equation more than anything else.

The old adage that all humor derives from armpits, pants, or monkeys, is only somewhat true. It's a folk explanation for the actual chemical processes taking place.

As it so happens, not all pants are funny. It depends on the kind of pants. They tested it. Some pants are funny, some aren't.

Monkeys are always funny, but only certain kinds of armpits are.

What's the connection? There's a polymer chain they all have in common! They've managed to isolate it, and have been able to manufacture the polymer chain in pure form.

In pure form, looks like a fibrous greenish-tan goop, and, oddly enough, is actually more annoying than funny. But the monkeys in the lab love the stuff, and fling it around whenever they get a chance.

Stupid monkeys.


Oops! Just got a call from the Institute after writing this. Turns out that the results we saw are not public information. It's pay-as-you-go knowledge. So, you'll all need to send a pair of pants, or a monkey, to the Humor Institute, to help defray research costs. Or they'll break my kneecaps.