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Ted's Journal
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Wednesday, November 21st, 2001

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Interlude from my novel
Maybe it was the swan. I was talking about the swan, right? That was it? I’m sure that was it. The swan. With the cybernetics.

So, the experiment with the swan was this. First, the swan had been given special swan-goggles which made everything look upside-down. Like the goggles, they’d show everything the swan would normally see, but upside-down. The swan flipped the heck out. Duh. For a week or so it walked funny and threw up sometimes, and then it was just fine. They tested it and it looked like the swan saw everything right side up.

They took off the glasses, and the same thing happened. It flipped out, since everything was upside down again, and then it eventually got used to it and started seeing things normally.

Then they flipped everything left to right. Once again, fear, then nausea, then adaptation. Off the confuse-o-vision goggles then, and then a new round of suffering.

They kept it up on the poor swan. The swan got an ulcer from all the stress and nausea, but over time, its eyes got incredible at adapting to this stuff. Whatever part of the brain was in charge of compensating for upside-down vision must have swelled to double its size or something, because eventually it only took a day or so. Then they ut in eyes that curved everything like fish lenses. Then inverted them like a weird hyperbola. Then scrambled them in a spiral. Then ultraviolet eyes. Then radio eyes. The swan just got better and better at it. This was the gut-aching swan with the ultra-adaptive eyes.

You may be asking questions like, who are they? Or maybe, why are they psychologically torturing the poor swan? Or even, wasn’t this swan cybernetic?

I’m getting to that.

See, the next step was putting in The Eyes.

Three of them. They made the cybernetic eyes (or would you call them bionic? Who cares?) where the normal eyes would be, plus they put another one, of higher sensitivity, in the pineal gland of the swan.

The eyes were amazing. Infrared and ultraviolet were just the start of it.

The eyes were designed for all kinds of vision. They had psychically charged quartz crystals and bubble chambers for particle detection and they were wired to radio telescopes and they had ex-rays and they had Geiger counters and generally they were the eyes of incredibleness. The swan could see people’s hearts with the eyes. The swan could see barometric pressure.

As to who “they” are, well, it relates too closely to the murder mystery I'm writing, so I’ll just let it suffice, right now, to say that “they“ were THOROUGHLY BAT-MAD CRAZY.

Anyway, when the swan awoke from surgery, it got a headache to all heck. Its eyes were getting crazy signals again. And, on top of that, these eyes were heavier, so its neck hurt. For three whole weeks, the swan couldn’t see anything.

Then, one day the swan really opened its eyes, and they had adapted completely.

And the swan saw God.

The eyes adapted to encompass all human knowledge.

The swan had a heart attack right there on the spot, and they started working on resusciation. Waterfowl in a coma! Theosophical avians! Performing surgery on the heart who’s eyes have seen purity!

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