December 1st, 2001


A Modest Proposal Is PEOPLE!

So, as I'm sure you're all aware, I run a small publishing company. I mean, I run it all electronically. The actual "office" is a six-inch-by-six-inch-by-six-inch cube glued to the ceiling, which contains all the financial records, books, contracts with printing companies, and tiny sprite underlings to boss around and threaten with paycuts.

Anyway, someone approached me today with a novel about current social conditions, and some pointed comments on the problems of modern living, as well as some solutions.

"This is nice and everything, but I'd like you to write a speculative fiction novel instead," I said with quiet viciousness.

So, she went back, and I figured it'd take her months or years.

But no! She produced an incredibly speculative novel in just three days! It was about two people named Elionora and Symbalin, who lived in the nation of Restaria, and made their living carrying ilisara, which is a native dish of sauce and meat on a flat bread, in their rovercart. Restaria was a wealthy nation ruled by the Jumaran race, who had conquered and displaced the original Glessoli, and had ruled for two hundred years, and their culture was beginning to grow very decadent and corrupt.

The drama was brilliant. The social commentary was cutitng. I bought it in an instant.