December 13th, 2001


The Fire of Infinity

Three days ago, I was looking at a fairly recent family photo (maybe 2 years old) and there were people in it whom I didn't recognize.

I mean, there were pictures of my nuclear family, plus three or so family friends, and then there were three people I didn't know. I decided to investigate.

No one in my family remembered they were present, and, looking at the pictures, everyone thought they were someone else's friend. There were three Caucasian males, all in their early to mid twenties, all with brown hair, of various heighs and builds.

I checked other photos and didn't see them, and then I hired a private detective. Today, I got back the first results - no name on these guys, but the detective found the same people in her own brother's graduation party pictures from 6 months ago, though she doesn't recognize any of them.

Upon further inspection at the local grocery store, my butcher also noticed the same people in a photo of his niece's Bat Mitzvah.

Who are these guys? I'll keep you posted.