December 23rd, 2001


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On March 16, 2005, they'll start working together.

That'll be a Wednesday, of course.

The next Saturday, it will be party time. The blenders will gather intelligence, hopping merrily along the sewers and making up new words for everything. Apes will line the street, distributing flyers and party supplies.

Apples will teach you Spanish, and optometrists will turn you into glass.

They will be brilliant and efficient. They will be organized in cell structures to prevent outside infiltration. There will be ducks and biscuits served to nearby fire hydrants. Pants will be sold at exactly one-seventeenth the normal price, using foreign currencies if necessary.

It will be the stupidest revolution EVER!


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A truly modern synchretic must be able to incorporate atheism as well as animistic and Abrahamic traditions. .
Isn't "the world oldest profession" actually hunting and gathering?
Pants! Pants! Pants!
In the early history of language, there was a single word that meant everything. Modern linguists are attempting to reconstruct this "stem word" for literary purposes. Ontogeny capitulates philogeny.