June 24th, 2003


My New Beanie Baby: Jump, the Shark

On the inside, the greeting card read: "The reason why the Cruel Few can rule over the Honest Many is not rational. There is an instinctive fear in the human brain, which weakens the resolve those who have reason to revolt. That instinctive fear can be suppressed with modern magnetic devices. Fear of change? Fear of authority? Fear of the embarassment of being a pioneer? These fears are part of a reptile mind, and people can move beyond these fears. And once the people realize this, then rulers will find themselves accountable once more."

I smiled and set it down, then excused myself.

I had just seen a movie I didn't like much, so I broke into the studios at around four in the morning, and edited a new version I liked better. How much brilliance must find its way onto the cutting room floor!

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