September 1st, 2003


The Statue Depicts a Sculptor

There's a closet under the stairs in my house, and at the back of the closet is a tiny door, maybe three feet tall, ubt otherwise proportionate to a door. I'd been keeping assorted things (boxes, clay statues, fake biographies, masks) in the closet, but moved them all out for sweeping.

While I was sweeping, the door opened, and a little human-shaped robot, all made of clockwork gears and springs, walked in through the door. He had a hard hat and a pick-axe.

In a clicking, paternal voice, he said, "Consider the website for making stock decisions. It seems to get good results."

Then he closed the door. When I tried to follow him, there was nothing but empty space there. I'm convinced there's a secret tunnel of some kind.

I haven't bothered to look at the link yet - I've been too busy trying to find the secret door.

Why did the whole closet smell like mangoes afterward?