November 13th, 2005


I know, I know!

At the grocery store, I accidentally cut someone off in line this afternoon. I smiled and apologized.

"That's okay," he said with a smile, "I mean, some people are eggs and some people are daisies." He gestured for me to cut in front of him - he had a lot more groceries than me anyway.

I frowned, "But, that's just not true. I can't take your place in line of false pretenses."

He quirked an eyebrow. I smiled and continued.

"The first time you do something dangerous or irresponsible, you'll probably get away with it and be fine. You might, but it's unlikely. It's when you make a habit of it that you're going to have problems. When you're throwing dice, there's a big difference between once and often."

He looked annoyed, "What does that have to do with eggs, daisies or the grocery line?" he asked in protest.

"Nothing," I said, "I was just trying to get back at you for being weird."