Ted (merovingian) wrote,

A Log from Yahoo!

merovingianheir: I have half an hour left before I can really justify ditching work, but I have no work to do at the moment. What should I do?
dorie1375: you should tell me a story
merovingianheir: Okay.
merovingianheir: A man was living in the jungle for about forty years.
merovingianheir: He ran away from home, in South America, in his early teens, and became terrified of people. Every time he saw a person, he ran deeper into the jungle.
merovingianheir: His father was in the military, and he'd stolen his father's survival gear. On top of that, he was very bright, and strong, and kept himself healthy, and slept well and managed to survive and learn.
merovingianheir: He ran away in about 1888.
dorie1375: is he still alive?
merovingianheir: That's beyond the scope of this story.
dorie1375: oh, ok
merovingianheir: Anyway, forty years later, he was an old man. His teeth were rotten, and he didn't remember a word of Brazilian, but he finally decided to return to the world he could barely remember.
merovingianheir: Why? Because people kept getting closer, and finally he was deep enough into the jungle that he found the indigenous tribes there. He was horrified that people had taken over his jungle, but six months later, he was resigned to a loss of privacy, and decided to live with the people outside the jungle, who looked stronger, smelled better, and lived in safer lands.
merovingianheir: He moved back, and wore a blindfold so he couldn't see the humans he feared so much.
merovingianheir: He learned Portugese again, and he learned how to ride a motorcycle, and he learned how to work in a job and use money instead of taking what he wanted.
merovingianheir: But he never took off his blindfold.
dorie1375: Why not?
merovingianheir: Because he was afraid of the sight of them. Even when he could get around the idea of humans, he still reacted to them with fear on an uncontrollable, neurological level.
merovingianheir: Ten years after he'd returned to the world, he was in his sixties. World War II had come and gone. The reporters and anthropologists had talked to him and learned what they wanted to know, and he was working at a motorcycle repair shop. He was a drunk and he smoked a lot of pot, and he was blind by choice.
dorie1375: wow, neato! and as long as he never saw them the involentary reaction was not triggered
merovingianheir: Precisely.
dorie1375: I think I would dig this guy
merovingianheir: He adapted to urban life as quickly as he had adapted to jungle life.
merovingianheir: In his sixties, he ran for mayor and won.
merovingianheir: He was a terror to work with. He began enacting wild reforms, and ruthlessly cut existing programs to pay for his improvements.
dorie1375: hummmmmm.... what kind of "improvements"
merovingianheir: He claimed that the changes he made were all for the better, and that the programs he cancelled were all a waste of the peoples' money, but the change was too much.
merovingianheir: What improvements? Some of them were just like restructuring how the city government worked - this person reported to this person instead of that other person.
dorie1375: so some pretty silly stuff
merovingianheir: Some programs were cut, others were added. He put a lot of money into education. He fired the police chief and the internal affairs department and put in new officers, then doubled the police budget. He improved roads and started a festival.
dorie1375: neat!
dorie1375: a festival! yay
merovingianheir: Well, yes and no.
merovingianheir: A lot of people in the city were used to their jobs. A lot of people were profiting from the inefficiency, and a lot of people were just unwilling to learn a new way of doing things.
merovingianheir: By the end of four years, he was wildly unpopular. His programs and policies were mostly unsuccessful, simply because people refused to go along with them. When people did go along with his plans, they went perfectly and really helped things, but that happened only one time out of four.
dorie1375: ouch
merovingianheir: He was impeached a month before re-election - people couldn't stand another month with him in office. Everyone was angry and confused. Everyone felt that the mayor thought they were stupid, and the wiser and more reasonable his plans were, the more insulted people felt.
merovingianheir: He appeared, on election day, and took off his blindfold to see the shouting, jeering, hateful crowd, throwing rotten fruit at him.
dorie1375: that was not a smart move
merovingianheir: He was horrified a hundred times more than he had ever been. It was 1952, and he was using a microphone for the first time in his life. He told them all that he was returning to the jungle, and that he would try his luck with the people in there.
merovingianheir: And then he put his blindfold back on, and ran into the jungle, stripping off his clothes as he loped away. He was never seen again by the outside world.
merovingianheir: Some people say that the tribes in the jungle killed him.
merovingianheir: Some people say that he joined them and lived another few years, and then died of disease.
dorie1375: poor guy. I wonder if he tried to change things there too
merovingianheir: Some people say he just disappeared and became a ghost, or a god.
merovingianheir: And some people say that he taught the tribes in the jungle to sneak as he did, and they still remain in the jungle, invisible to outside eyes.
merovingianheir: What do you think?
dorie1375: I think that is a wonderful story! Thank you
merovingianheir: You're welcome!
merovingianheir: Hmmm. Should I put that on my LiveJournal?
dorie1375: yes!

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