August 5th, 2008


(no subject)

I'm in the airport now, looking for the non-denominational chapel. My people tell me they stored a book there.

And in the book there are rhymes and songs. Steganography, of course. The tunes, written out with the right notation, detail an algorithm that will turn vodka bottles into people and predict the tides of future corporate acquisitions.

My people tell me there's a manticore there, but it must be disguised to get past security, so who knows what form it may take? I can't walk in suspicious of every chair, window and prayer mat, so I think I'll need to find some way to lure it out.

My people say that manticores love the taste of vodka, but I don't really believe that. Why would a manticore love vodka?

So now I'm playing it by ear, listening to the overhead airport music for clues, checking out the mini-museums, Maybe I'll see the manticore before it sees me. Maybe I'll notice the book quickly.

Look, I'm a perl scripter, okay? Nobody told me I'd need a keen sense of vision for this job.