August 23rd, 2008


Progress Bar

This morning I went to the breakfast glade, where random strangers offer each other breakfast. It's like a permanent floating breakfast pot luck. A great way to meet people, to share your baking, or to eat for free.

There was a guy there with a poster hanging from a tree. It depicted a blue progress bar, like what you might see when installing software in a GUI.

"This measures how close humanity is to achieving our next species," the man said proudly.

You know progress bars that don't have any clear indication of what's happening? Like they're not actually indexed on anything, and they're just graphics to give you a vague sense that something is happening and you should wait, but no real measure of how long it's been or how long you have left or how much has been done? Or the ones that look like they're clipping along nicely, but then hang at 62% for six hours before reaching 63%?

I hate those. I did not share my French toast with this guy.

CityRatBuddy's incomprehensible poll, and a DIY progress bar.Collapse )