August 25th, 2008


More a corpse than exquisite.

So, on Mondays I look back to think about my weekend. Did I get enough relaxation? Did I spend enough time with friends? Did I grow personally? Did I get enough sleep?

Can I walk into the next week refreshed, restored, and improved?

This process has gotten more formal over the eyars. At first I just thought about it. Then I started jotting down notes. Then I wrote a formal review every Monday.

Then, when the formal review of my weekend got to be too much for me, I hired someone else to review it. They decided that they were too biased to give an impartial review, so they hired an independent auditing consultant to review my weekend every Monday.

It's expensive and suddenly I'm exposed to a lot of lawsuits and financial calamities if my weekend isn't good enough. That usually means I have a fantastically good weekend, just to avoid the problems, but sometimes the stress is too much for me. It also means that I have to document everything, which is why I have this LiveJournal.

So, incomprehensible LJ entries like this cause a lot of stress. The Weekend Auditors are going to pull me through the wringer for this!