September 14th, 2008


(no subject)

The septagenarian woman at the vegan burger place downtown, who always brings honey lavender lemonade with a spring in her step, is the first person I met in person who had a movie star smile.

No, wait, that's not true. I have wonderful second cousins in the movie industry, which is probably how I knew that smile, but the woman with the lemonade stand is the first movie star I identified by her smile.

I was too shy to ask the first time I went, but I kept coming back until I felt confident enough to ask her if she was a movie star, even though I knew all along by her smile.

She tells me she was a gothic vamp in the 60s and late 50s, a starlet with a specialized role. She was always one of the trio of beautiful long-haired vampire women in white flowing dresses, sexy and menacing at once. Stock characters of the horror movie scene.

"I got out of it because all the type-cast actresses were coming down with real vampirism. Nobody knew if it was morphic resonance from mass media portrayal, or maybe we just caught the idea of the vampires, but either way, my producer told me to get out while I still could, and I did. I managed to steal the vegan cookbook that the va,pires used to make their human herds used to taste better, which is how I got into the restaurant business with my Edgar. After a brief stint as a nurse in Vietnam, of course, which is where we met."

She gestured to the kitchen to indicate the hidden cook who'd been preparing burgers all along.

"Most of them are still young, and still doing it," she said, completely sanguine, "but I didn't want to get locked into just one thing, you know? I'm sure the vampire thing was very nice, but I would have gotten so bored doing the same thing more than a decade. My Edgar's that way too, which is why we get along so famously."

Then she flashed her Hollywood smile again, and somehow I was reminded of a sunrise.

The lemonade there is so good that I really don't care if it makes my blood more delicious to vampires, you know?

Next week I'll ask about their sportscar collection.