September 17th, 2008



I was on the phone with tech support today, and it turns out I have something in common with the guy on the phone: We both have thoughts and feelings, and are curious about this world!

We talked about it more, since this world as a whole is more interesting than the tech support question I had.

"I have a theory," he told me, "that all human experiences can be divided into seventeen separate categories, and to live a good life, you have to have a balance of all seventeen categories of experience."

"Interesting! So, what are the categories?"

"Oh, I haven't gotten to that part yet. Just that there are seventeen, and that a balance is important."

I didn't ask any further, but I wanted to. How does that even count as a meaningful theory? Why seventeen? How did he get that far with a theory without thinking up any of the categories? How would this help me with my tech support problem? How long had he had this theory?

I'm all for a balanced life, but I would develop my theories a little more before I started throwing out numbers, you know?

And now I'm wondering: Is one of those categories "hearing peoples' poorly-thought-out theories," by any chance? Because I'm good on that one.

...and also "unlikely foods." And "evil robot double scenarios." Also, "Nomura's jellyfish problems." And did I mention "proprioception"?

Oh, hey, I'm still on hold.