September 29th, 2008


An end to ambivalence

Does anyone know how to fix a radio?

This darn thing just keeps saying what I'm thinking aloud. Most of the time lately, I'm just thinking about MC Frontalot songs, so at first I thought it was an all-Frontalot station.

Then I heard the radio say, "Hey, an all Frontalot station."

Then it said, "Wow, I was just thinking that. What a coincidence."

Then, "Is it broadcasting what I'm thinking?"

Then, "Hey, I think it would be cool to have lemon-scented dental floss, as long as it didn't burn like lemon juice." Sometimes I have trouble staying on task.

Then, "I'd better ask if anyone on LJ knows how to fix a radio."

The nice news is that it doesn't seem to broadcast any embarrassing or offensive thoughts - I'm guessing the FCC requirements have something to do with that.

And sometimes it's nice to be aware of what I'm thinking, I suppose, when I'm not too sure of what I think of something.

But I still want to get this thing fixed, just because I prefer that things get fixed, you know? At least, I think I want that. I expected I'd be more ambivalent, but according to the radio, I want to fix it.