February 26th, 2009



Today for lunch we had Cream of Itself Soup.  It tasted like...

Okay, imagine all of the flavors that could be described by a person who specializes in describing flavors, using a thousand words or less.  Take the most difficult flavor of all of them to describe.

Then add cream and salt.  That´s what it tasted like.

"We have a special recipe for it," the waitress said, "We travel into the future where the soup is already made and bring the soup back, then distill it down to its essence, then add cream and spices."

"But wouldn´t that cause a paradox?" I asked nervously.

"That´s where it gets that delicious flavor," the waitress replied proudly.

"But what about the risks?  I mean, couldn´t you accidentally destroy the universe or something, making a soup like that?"

"Well, yes," she said, visibly unworried, "but it´s the kind of thing that risky and terrifying the first time you do it, but after a while you´ve done it so many times that you don´t even think about it.  So we just travelled to the distant future and did it the first time then."