March 22nd, 2009



I remember a while back, someone started a website where you could list your friends and track and connect. It was back in '97 or '98 or so. I remember immediately rejecting the idea, thinking "couldn't this be used against me by unethical people?"

And yet somehow I forgot all of that when social networking sites came along because they were so very shiny. In a bout of paranoia, I realized this morning that maybe I'd made a mistake. So I went down to the cave to ask the magical fish there if they could do anything about it.

"Now, let me understand," said one magical fish, "Something happened, and then there were some results caused by that? Like, ah, things causing other things? And always in some kind of temporal order? This idea of causation confuses and fascinates me. I think your problem is consenting to this whole causality thing in the first place. Is this an opt-in procedure, or an opt-out?"

I think maybe the fish are too darn magical to be very helpful. They always do this to me.