April 24th, 2009


I am sitting in front of my computer, typing on a website! (Or AM I?)

Here's my idea: I'm going to set up a Twitter account and start Twittering. But there's a catch. I'll be lying on every Tweet.

Like, I might be sitting on the bus, but I'll Twitter "I am at home watching my cats chase each other!" Or I could be at a Kimya Dawson concert (which is always a wonderful place to be), and I'll Twitter, "I'm at the store, comparing crunchy vs. creamy peanut butter prices."

Get it? It will be like a micro-blog, only I'll be lie-blogging! I may need to learn how to do that, though. I've never really written any fiction.

Actually, on second thought, it sounds like a terrible idea. It'd be hard to keep it up.

I think I'll just go back to shoplifting on Amazon.

I bet they regret adding that "Shoplift" button. Suckers.

(Then again, check those Twitter accounts. If one looks like it describes what I'm not doing, it might be me!)