May 19th, 2009


Anaesthetic is an aesthetic

Here is what they told me at the cafeteria:

1. Every really good musician has their best songs and their so-so songs. You know, art does not thrive in consistency -- without risk it goes stale.

2. At the same time, music is different for the musician and the audience. A musician will have his or her favorite songs, and the audience will have their favorite songs. Sometimes a song is less satisfying to make but more satisfying for an audience. Sometimes a musician's best beloved song will be obscure and never receive much critical or fan base appeal.

3. This particular musician -- the one who will be playing at the cafeteria -- is notable for a three reasons. The first reason was that his favorite music and his audience's favorite music are inverse. He only likes what the audience considers a bomb, and vice versa. Watching his concert is a zero sum game of enjoyment between musician and audience.

4. The second notable thing about this musician is his feelings. Most musicians are notable because they have feelings and a guitar. This musician also has feelings and a guitar. But his set of feelings are untranslatable to others. He doesn't ever feel happy or sad or curious or angry. He feels fembly, or vabtose, or palernous or trank. No, I can't define those words. No, they can't be described as similar to any emotions that you or I know. Through a combination of unusual nutrition, very bad excercise, paint, and genetic mutation, this musician's set of emotions do not intersect the feelings or language of any other human being. He is very good at describing them, I suppose, but I still have no words or explanation besides that which I have already given.

5. He also has a guitar, but it is completely normal, and not one of the three reasons why this particular musician is notable.

6. I was an obstruction to commerce, and could I please stop asking so many questions and finish my purchase so the people in line behind me could get their food too? Seriously.

7. I never did find out the third reason why this particular musician was notable.