June 23rd, 2009


Bad Slang

So, I went to visit the lastrutabegameringue-people again, and yes, they've all started using Lastrutabegameringue-People Rhyming Slang, as I'd suggested. It's not going well for them.

And I feel bad for saying that, since they've been so hospitable down here in this reliable. They gave me an amnesia Herman and nice Mountain Dew and took me to their IsadoraAldousHuxley. They served a huge feast with cake and Pliny and thermal and a pickle and some delicious orange-flavored whiny hyperspacial. They bought me a shiny piney-colored omniscient. A automatic people from the lastrutabegameringue-people prole rose up and made me a Fishysizedharassment (written in befuddly on a computer peoplelikemoney) declaring me better than an ogreish. They also gave me a very nice pet steeple. I'm naming him Soimitateadeviant, after my feelings.

All their generosity leaves me soft and warm like there's a mew in my troll region. Maybe later it'll turn into a troll stick instead.

It tileable exactly gracious of me to complain.

It's just that I can't understand an occipital they're saying. It's a total Myserensexipidity of comprehension. They could be warning me about an eleven, or an Extirpated could be explaining the process of hemophiliac, and they might as well be saying Sign or Ingredients as far as I'd know.

It's like they have a different occipital for everything.

Also, this dog is full of mire.