June 29th, 2009


My Other Car

(Please select one)
  • My other car is the six hundredth digit of Pi.
  • My other car is actually my own hooved feet.
  • My other car is sixty times the size of a typical sedan, but still proportional in its dimensions, hand-crafted from a hyperdense vanadium alloy, sitting in an oversized parking lot in Nairobi, totally immobile.
  • My other car is this sentence.
  • My other car is the horrible tickling of a hair on your arm that makes you mistakenly remember you've got spiders on you for the rest of the day.
  • My other car is the Mariinsky Ballet company, arranged in perfect harmony to function exactly like a typical automobile -- please note that due to illness or injury the understudy Natalia Dzevulskaya will be replacing Diana Vishneva playing the part of the carburator though.
  • My other car is a rational self-interest maximizer with perfect information and complete free will.
  • My other car may actually be a windmill, in which case forgive my quixotic delusion.
  • My other car is all made of pearls and clockwork, bathed in mist and the chirping of frogs, rumbling its ugly stumbling path from now into oblivion.
  • My other car is a well-structured villanelle about a poem that can turn into a car -- like a Transformers robot, but more high-brow.
  • My other car is the wailing of a distant star as it slowly collapses from giant to dwarf and on to nothingness.
  • My other car is lurking right behind you, carefully balanced on everything you've got in that room of yours, until the moment you turn around to look, at which point it disappears.
  • My other car is the opposite of a car, thus cancelling out my primary car and restoring the balance -- and I hope there won't be an explosion when that happens.

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