July 31st, 2009


My office

Setting up my office must have been expensive. I mean, they started with the usual close-packed cube farm, plus the water cooler, the meeting rooms, the coffee machine, and so on. But they had to cram it into a small space, and make everything light enough, and then attach the whole thing to a huge hot air balloon.

Every day we get in, get settled into our desks, and then the office manager drops the ballast and we drift off into the clouds, blown west by the wind currents here, until we're doing our work suspended over the waters.

The views are spectacular, and our wireless network is just fine. If you show up for work after liftoff, you've just called in sick.

For some obscure legal reason, there's a huge advantage to doing our business in an office where nobody is sure whether we're in California airspace or out in international waters. Don't ask me; I just do my job, you know?

Right now we have a client who is very dirty and needs cleaning. He's been trying to get help for years, by going around to people's cars and writing "WASH ME" in a desperate plea for help. So far, nobody has helped him. I'm sure they want to help, but how do you even find the person who made such a plea if he doesn't leave contact information or wash instructions or anything?

We're going to do what we can to get his dusty, dusty message out to the world. If that doesn't work, maybe we'll have some of the guys in Parts just spray him down with a hose.

Hey! Actually, why isn't that Plan A?