August 23rd, 2009



Here are six things that are not happening right now:

1. Magnets. They are not forming little colonies of magnetic fields that interfere with one another just right to spell out your name.

2. Leprechauns. They are not involving themselves in the California budget crisis in any way.

3. Pasta. Pasta is not changing into music, in your home or in any other.

4. Dragonflies. Millions of them, in a vast impossible rainbow of color. They are not swarming the airs, catching the light just so and turning our Sun's light into a permanent Christmas-tree panoply of hues.

5. Music. It's also not changing into pasta. It's like a two-way non-dynamic non-equilibrium between them.

6. This LiveJournal entry. It isn't growing hands to reach out of your monitor and tussle your hair affectionately.

Please let me know if this changes.