September 22nd, 2009


The Barker

"Come and see this remarkable transforming device!" the barker called out, "It can change an AMUSING MAZE into an AMAZING MUSE!"

I stopped to check it out. "That's pretty cool," I said, "Can it change a CONGRESS PROFESSIONAL into a PROGRESS CONFESSIONAL? Or a MARINE SUBCONSCIOUS into a CONSCIOUS SUBMARINE?"

"What?" the barker asked, confused and annoyed.

"You know. The word puzzle."

"No!" he said, "I told you before. It's not a word puzzle. It's a remarkable transforming device. We're working on generalizing so we can change labyrinths into demigods, but that's another year or two of development."


Well, I drew a little maze on a piece of paper and handed it to him. "Go ahead. Change this."

He scowled at it and shook his head. "Sorry, this maze isn't amusing at all. Please stop bothering me."

Well, I never. Isn't the fact that it was about to become a muse at least a little chuckle-worthy?
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