June 15th, 2011


It Is Rude To Raise The Ghosts Of Famous Early Aviators

This post isn't intended for anyone in particular -- just a general trend I've been noticing lately -- but if a certain someone decided to be decent enough to apologize to me, I guess I'd appreciate that. But this post is not about anyone in particular. Oh no.

A few common notes of courtesy:
  • It is rude to raise the ghosts of famous early aviators in order to get a competitive advantage when building a spaceship for the next X Prize.

  • It is especially rude to raise the ghosts of the Wright Brothers to help you build a spaceship. They have earned their rest.

  • It doesn't matter if you put the ghosts into a human body, a robot body, or an ancient gemstone of indescribable faceting -- courtesy dictates that you should compete fairly and also not disrupt the cycle of life with necromancy.

  • Wearing gloves while you do it makes things a little better, I guess.

  • But not much.

  • When you get caught doing so, you should apologize, both to the living and to the dead.

  • And probably to the robots, too.

I would have thought all of this would be pretty obvious.

Now that that's established...Collapse )

EDIT: Was that passive-aggressive? Sorry. Exorcisms always leave me a little passive-aggressive.