Ted (merovingian) wrote,

When they do the double dactyl, that's them dancing.

The double-dactyl form (also known as Higgledy Pigggledy) requires:
  • Two stanzas, each with three dactyllic dimeters, then a dactyl-plus-half-spondee
  • Gibberish as the first line
  • A proper noun as the second line
  • A single hexasyllabic word as the fifth, sixth or seventh line
  • An eighth line that rhymes with the first

This is clearer if you see some examples. Here are three love poems about a friend's sofa:


Sample Love Poem
by Ted, age 33

Googily Moogily,
Easy Street Davenport!
Sturdy and purdy and
L-shaped and wise!

If you could dance we could
If you could eat I'd make
Strawberry pies.


Lingua Amoris

Babelah, Bubbeleh,
Easy Street Sofabed.
Don't doubt the love of the
Furniture nerds.

You still don't know, because
Doesn't exist, so I
Must couch my words.



Crackadee, Smackadee
Sofa on Easy Street.
Guarded by ninjas but
Shrouded in sky.

Wish we could date, but the
Native to ninjas just
Makes me too shy.


If you would like to express your love too, please share. Unless you're trying to woo that sofa too. In that case, back off, gumshoe.

(Comments screened. Double-dactyls will be unscreened; all other comments will be suppressed mercilessly.)
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