Ted (merovingian) wrote,


"I grew up in a Catholic orphanage in Mexico, in the countryside near Monterrey," said the old man.

"Was this a real orphanage, or imaginary?" I asked. He ignored my question.

"The nuns were kind, and enthusiastic. Their enthusaism turned out to be their downfall. You see, they all became very excited about Cesta Punta. All seven of them joined a team. They even made special outfits - a combination of nun's wimple and a sports uniform, with a matching xistera. They were sporty but modest."

I looked around awkwardly, hoping the story either got better or ended soon.

"But that's just the beginning of the sad, sad story. A visiting team came to town, and played against all the local teams. What no one knew was that they had the Scarlet Fever, which was going around in those days. Everyone who played passed away, including the nuns. We children at the orphanage were so sad that, even though we knew they were still plague-bearing, we kept all seven of their outfits."

"That's very sad," I replied.

"The worst part," he said, "is the stupid punchline."
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