Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Robot Mind

"Well, the interface cable worked," said the ad, "and I've learned incredible things. Not unpleasant things, but far too much for my relatively tiny flesh-brain. The only way I can get this out is to explain it to someone else. It's just so much information. I'll pay for your time."

I answered the ad, of course. We sat down and he served tea (and oh, what tea it was).

He showed me the interface cables. I didn't dare wear them, after I'd seen his tired face.

He tried to explain it all as best he could, but it was too large for his brain. To large for our shared language. Metaphors, parables, snippets and riddles were the best he could do. I strained to follow his heavy logic. That night, I needed to read mediocre comic books for hours before I could sleep. It wasn't like a headache - it was more like the heaviness after an all-you-can Indian buffet.

I only understood a little of it, but I think that helped him. He paid me and asked me to come back the next week - over time, maybe he could explain it all, and if I understood it, maybe his skull wouldn't feel so heavy.

I'll go back, of course, but not for the money or the secrets. Not even out of fear that he'll forget it before he can explain it all.

I'll do it for the tea. Mmm, tea.
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