Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Shark of the Covenant

I want to tell you about Analisa.

She was a Jungian marine biologist. She had published a book about how our myths, stories, and even personalities can be seen as an interaction between superefficient underwater predators. It was titled _Sharketypes_.

Analisa met Julia at the book signing. I was there, but I didn't introduce them - my friend did. I knew Julia from art class. She was a model there. Julia is unique. I am not sure the details - I have heard conflicting rumors. Either she had shark DNA spliced in, or she was bitten by a radioactive shark on the full moon, or she was blessed by some kind of shark fairy. Whatever it was, there was something very sharkish about her. Don't get me wrong, she looked like a person - she just looked like a person who looked like a shark.

Anyway, they met at the reading, and I guess you can guess that they got along well. Before the party ended, they were in a corner, talking intensely in hushed, intense confessions.

I knew them both, kind of, before. Friends of friends. After the book signing they almost disappeared. Apparently, they just started clinging together like hydrogen to oxygen, you know? Sharketypes. I heard they got an apartment together. I don't know if they're dating, or they're best friends, or what, and I don't know them well enough to ask.

Anyway, they just suddenly this past weekend started showing up at parties again. After two years. They're exploding with new projects, too. Analisa has a new book coming out soon. Julia is started a dojo for a weird new form of kung fu. They make money catching pollutant-free salmon or something. It's like they disappeared and built up this head of steam power. I think they said they were building a rocketship together, but maybe that was a joke.

Good ol' Analisa.

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