Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Good Morning

There is something pornographic about a brass clockwork monstrosity the first thing in the morning. Too much and too fast. Good morning, why all the clicking? What's this filigreed claw in my face?

Still, it's better to wake up to a brass clockwork monstrosity than it is to wake up underwater with a brass clockwork monstrosity. Or at least it's less exciting. It's amazing how comedy and tragedy are sometimes indistinguishable.

It took a bit of time to digest this. Thoughts count out slowly when you first wake up. Thought number six or seven (or so) was to notice I was hooked up to an aqualung, and so I probably wasn't drowning. Thought seven (or maybe eight) was about when I noticed the multicolored city of lights below me.

It took a while longer to remember I'd just been elected mayor of the city below. Fast ambition can lead to some frightening surprises, you know? I'm just glad they have brassy clockwork internet way down here.

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