Ted (merovingian) wrote,


My coworker always gets into work late. I was getting annoyed about it until I found out how long his commute is. Poor guy.

Every morning, he is called to adventure by a mythical herald, and denies the call until he receives a mystic weapon from an elderly protective figure. Then he crosses the threshold of the world he knows and is seemingly destroyed, only to be reborn and prepared for the challenges he must face. The he encounters a dreamlike landscape of obstacles, covertly helped by a benign power. He meets and gains the approval of the divine feminine principle, and then resists temptation and uncertainty. Then he reconciles merciful fatherhood with tyranny, attains apotheosis, and is granted that which he seeks: to get to work.

"Couldn't you just take 101?" I asked him.

He grumbled. "Nah. I tried that. Traffic's too slow."
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