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Feel like I'm gunna hit my head on the sky.

I climbed to the mountain and spoke with the Wise Master there.

"These words do not mean what you think they mean," he said.

At first I thought he was making a clever self-referential statement, but, sadly, he was just starting up a list.

"'Nonplussed'. It means surprised and at a loss for response."

For this I climbed a mountain?

"Also, 'enormity'. And 'strident'."

I started to climb back down again.

"Also, 'the.' It's not just a weird little grammatical placeholder word. It turns out 'the' is a distributed invocation to make the moon crash into the earth. It will happen on the trillionth time that word is used."

"Are we getting close? How many times has it been used already?"

He didn't answer. He just pushed me off the mountain.

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