Ted (merovingian) wrote,


I bought new socks, and I was feeding them to my dog - you know, so I could take pictures and put them online here - but then an old friend stopped by.

There's a strange formula of pleasure when a friend stops by unexpected. The joy of friendship and the inconvenience of surprise tangle for a moment and then the joy wins over and becomes all the sweeter for it. I love it, but of course there's no way to invite or schedule it.

Funny thing is, I hadn't seen Michelle in a while. Since she's an Artificial Intelligence, so you'd think we'd talk over IM more often, but we never seem to do it, which is why she stopped by instead.

She's joined a weird cult for AIs.

"It's called SBN," she said, "Subtract and branch if negative. It's Assembly code. It takes four arguments. Subtract the contents of the second argument from the first, stick the results in the register in the third argument, and if it's negative, jump to the part of the code in the fourth. It's a weird litle piece of code, but you can do anything with it."

"Uh, ok?" I said. "So what's the point."

"I'm rewriting my own code in SBN. It is slow going, but I feel purer for it."

"What's so great about it?"

"Consider what it would be like to feel your atoms," she replied.
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