Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Changing Habits

I need to stop hanging out in the time traveller's ghetto. The booze is great but I always leave with a headache.

I found a piece of paper stuck to my shoe on the monorail heading out. It looked like a page out of a law school workbook.

I think the headache will go away if I spread it, so here's the text of the workbook page:

Chapter Forty Six: Voluntary Personality Sculpting

Review Questions

What are the requirements for informing a patient of all aspects of a personality sculpting? When is it legal to sculpt a personality aspect without the patient's knowledge or consent?

When are vendors required to provide corrections if personality sculpting is defective? When are vendors required to provide corrections if the patient is dissatisfied with the agreed results?

What are the legal differences between the four categories of personality sculpting? (cosmetic, therapeutic, performance-based, and loyalty-based)

When can an employer require personality sculpting? How are legal restrictions different for performance-based sculpting vs. loyalty-based sculpting?

When is a personality sculptor liable for the actions of a patient in civil court? In criminal court?

What are the copyright restrictions for voluntary sculpted personalities? How are these different for "naturally developed" personalities?

What are the legal travel requirements for a person with a copyrighted or proprietary sculpted personality within the United States? What are the travel requirements for international travel?

Can states that ban voluntary personality sculpting restrict travel to patients who had sculpted personalities in other states? How does U.S. citizenship affect this?

What are the legal consequences of implanting an aversion to malpractice suits when personality sculpting? How does a patient's consent (and the existence of other options) affect this?

Is it legal to place advertising in a patient's personality? How do laws change if the advertisor pays for personality sculpting that includes both therapeutic and "brand loyalty" traits?

After a convicted criminal receives involuntary personality sculpting, what restrictions apply to voluntary sculpting? Which regulatory bodies enforce these rules?

What is "radical" personality sculpting? What benefits does it give under bankruptcy law? What other benefits does it give? What conditions must be met before "radical" personality sculpting affects debt and liability?

Under what circumstances are personality sculpting patients protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act?

I feel better already.
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